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About our Club


Club History ~

The Northwest Bird Club was started in the late 1970’s with the goal of promoting the keeping and breeding of exotic birds. It was spun-off from a poultry club. To this day many of our members keep poultry in addition to cage birds.

The Club is based in Medford, Oregon and we have had as many as 100 members in a year, from all parts of the Pacific Northwest. Early presidents included Margaret Young of Phoenix, Oregon, Cliff Chamberlain, Rand Kidman, and Doug Pfaff. Invaluable in their support were Gaylee Oakes, Mary Pfaff, Kurt and Virginia Dahl, Bud and Sam (Samantha) Mosley, Lyle and Virginia Sharpe, and many others. The first meetings were held in member’s homes. The club grew, and it became impossible to squeeze everyone into a single room. Different halls were found to continue the meeting.

We meet at 1:00 pm.on the first Sunday of every month at Table Rock Mobile Village, 2385 Table Rock Rd., Medford, OR.

The first Bird Mart was held in connection with a Bird Show. This would continue for nearly 20 years. Today, the Bird Mart continues strong.

Become a Member!

The purpose of the Northwest Bird Club is to create an interest in raising birds, to teach good husbandry practices, recognize good conformation and color according to recognized standards, and to promote the preservation of endangered species. We publish a monthly newsletter with a lot of great information.

Benefits of being a member:
Members have more "benefits" than non-members.
Members have access to the following topics on our website that "non-members" don't.

  • Monthly newsletters (current and archived) encompassing a wide variety of timely events, and articles written by notable specialists in the bird field, as well as our own club members (many of whom are avian professionals).
  • All Bird Mart information, including the vendor packet, Bird Mart Book, donation form, bird mart/bird club flyers.
  • Free ads in the newsletter and on the club website.
  • Club Elections, run for office!
  • Lending book and DVD library - up to date books and DVD's on birds.
  • Educational Programs - Including veterinary speakers, bird behaviorists, and nutritionists.
  • Grooming demos.
  • Invaluable interaction with other bird people!
  • Make new friends at our monthly meetings, annual picnics and special events!

Membership dues are $20 per year for single or family membership.
Membership is by application according to the bylaws.



Is Having a Bird Club Important?   By Dick Ivy *

Many bird clubs are folding because of politics or infighting between members. The quieter members are made to feel inferior, or are recruited by the stronger to support their ideas. Some clubs don't last a year. Others after many years and under many principal leaders finally wear out. But now there is a new danger. Super colorful magazines and the computer network are full of information about birds. Some wonderful folks on the net have given of themselves and their experiences for all to reap or download (unfortunately, there is also information that isn't that helpful, and maybe harmful).

BUT they can't replace:
  • The sharing of experiences of your like species with people you get to know and trust nearby.
  • The data on birds, equipment, and foods users have experienced, not necessarily birders who are also promoting products, a reason to have a website.
  • Sympathetic help in times of crisis, loss of birds, and quicky answers for bird care.
  • The contacts for emergency information or unwanted regulations for bird ownership.
  • A local visible group that has the testimony or proper care of pet birds, weather problems and other knowledge. Together there is power, and general acceptance by the public.
  • Having a breeder you know well raising the birds you might want or need.
  • Hearing speakers to educate, inspire and share your interests, that we are not alone.

Too many bird owners have sacrificed the benefits of being a part of a club because:

  • they don't like the forwardness or crankiness of a person or persons in the club. It's too bad our country won't allow more clones of us who are right, nice, and smarter than others.
  • they can't take the time to attend meetings, or it's at the wrong hour, or why don't they meet in a place in OUR neighborhood.
  • clubs ask for too much, too much work time in the bird mart, or to take care of the library, or serve as an officer, or Board Member. Benefits often come with responsibilities. I shouldn't be trying to help others. That's what others are for (please don't fall into that trap!).
  • they tried to do a job, but nobody helped, and ideas to do it were different than the leaders and they felt insulted and quit. They really wanted to do such and such but that person wouldn't yield.
    So let them have THEIR club

Mr. Ivy was founder of Bird Clubs of America(BCA). He passed away in 2005. He and his insight will be missed.